Premiere | Iñigo Vontier: “Dune Dune” Video


Iñigo Vontier: “Dune Dune” Video

Watch the trippy animated video for Iñigo Vontier’s killer tune exclusively on LAGASTA. 

Video animation and production by Torito Studio.
Video direction and conception by Iñigo Vontier.

The prolific Mexican DJ and producer Iñigo Vontier, who recently graced us with a great exclusive track “Lugar Querido” for our latest “Late Summer” compilation Vol. 1 [Part II], has kicked off 2021 in a big way. His first offering for the new year, a raw and energetic four-tracker called “Dune Dune”, finds him in such fine form delivering a collection of killer tunes for Optimo Music’s “Digital Danceforce” series. As he says: “The idea was to create some tracks without so much production but filled with analog beats and raw takes. An EP that hits you in the face because of the savage feeling on it”.

Today we are psyched to premiere the animated video for the record’s title track. Directed by Iñigo Vontier himself, the clip for “Dune Dune” is the sequel of the “Bo Ni Ke” video, which we premiered last spring, in Iñigos 200´s 3D imaginarium with a twist of video game arcade and computer psicodelia. Watch it exclusively on LAGASTA and stream the “Done Done” EP in its entirety below.

The “Dune Dune” EP is out now via Optimo Music.

Get it here.


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