Premiere | Serasso: “El Ritmo De La Noche”


Serasso: “El Ritmo De La Noche”

The Polish producer delivers a dancefloor-ready house groover from his upcoming “Classico” EP. 

Polish producer Serasso debuts on MMDiscos with his superb five-tracker “Classico”. 

Poland has always had a big football tradition, maybe nobody remembers that but they made it to win the world cup back in 1974. Nowadays Polish football has a quite low profile, but there’s some players out there that still rock. House scene in Poland also has a low profile, even though before Pandemic the club scene was growing up and thanks to labels as “Transatlantyk” many producers that have been under the radar, have seen the light in the past years.

Bydgoszcz based DJ and producer Serasso started kicking beats 15 years ago, mixing Chicago house, Detroit techno and hip hop since the early beginning, his passion for more tropical sounds and Italo house has developed his own personal style, evolving into something more floor friendly and groovy.

Following the vibe that the polish producer delivered last year with his “Bryza” EP on Berlin-based label Transatlantyk, Serasso makes a welcome return with his new “Classico EP”, which marks his debut release on MMDiscos. The record consists of five original tracks of pure house rooted in the early 90’s. Italian house as main influence and taking as reference “classico” mighty DJs from the likes of Don Carlos or Alex Neri. We are delighted to share with all of you one of our favourite cuts from the upcoming EP, “El Ritmo De La Noche”, a dancefloor-ready house groover with infectious energy and flow. Blast it below exclusively on LAGASTA. 

Because besides football, there’s something in common between Poland, Italy and Maradona, they all like house music.

The “Classico” EP will drop digitally on June 15th via MMDiscos. 

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