Premiere | Iñigo Vontier: “Bo Ni Ke” Video


Iñigo Vontier: “Bo Ni Ke” Video

A tribute to ’90s trance clips.

From the moment of its release back in November, Iñigo Vontier’s superb debut full-length “El Hijo Del Maiz” (“the son of the corn”) for Chloé’s label Lumière Noire has become one of the most gripping albums of the moment. With “El Hijo Del Maiz”, the young Mexican DJ and producer has created an album of demented grooves, psychedelic take-offs, and imaginary comic strips of mystical rituals that scrambles the listener’s five senses.

Today we are delighted to premiere the trippy animated video for the record’s second single “Bo Ni Ke”, a playful tune filled with a Japanese-inflected vocal filter and Moroccan flutes à la Jajouka taking the beats into a crazy trance. The video, which features animation by Torito Studio, was directed by Iñigo Vontier himself. Speaking about the video, he says: “The main idea behind the video was to recreate the early beginnings of animation in the 2000s as a homage to this trance videos. Here we can see me “Iñigo Vontier” having fun in the dessert while playing the Mismar to the rythm of the cobras and ending in a rave inside a Discoteque Pyramid.” Watch it above, exclusively on LAGASTA.

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