Projections: “Original Cell”

Projections: “Original Cell”

Simon “Woolfy” James and Dan Hastie have launched their own label Ritual Release. 

Simon “Woolfy” James and Dan Hastie return as Projections with a new track “Original Cell” on their own label Ritual Release.

Great news! Simon “Woolfy” James and Dan Hastie, the California-based production duo behind the mighty Woolfy vs Projections have launched their very own label Ritual Release, together with fellow head John Alderson who helms as manager, creative director and co-producer. For the label’s first release, Simon “Woolfy” James and Dan Hastie dusted off their original moniker, Projections, to deliver a stellar new track “Original Cell”, which comes backed with two quality remixes from from Khidja and Coyote.

With a two decade history recording for labels such as Permanent Vacation, Future Classic, DFA/Rong and Guidance along with appearances on Phantom Island, Is It Balearic…?, Sonar Kollektiv, Cafe del Mar and more, Simon “Woolfy” James and Dan Hastie are back in action with “Original Cell”. Unpicking the “accidental” name Woolfy vs Projections, they reprise the original moniker for their production duo, Projections, and continue to give shape to their sound, most easily understood as West Coast Balearic.

Projections’ first release on Ritual Release has them extending the more blissed seam in their work that traces as far back as the likes of “Luminate Part 2” from their Between Here And Now long-player, released on Guidance in 2002. In “Original Cell”, Woolfy’s multi-tracked vocals channel expressions of yearning and ecstatic love, over a semi-ambient backing of dulcimer, strings and horn section. The track conjures a glowing vision of Bobby Gillespie conducting a string quartet and New Orleans brass band on a beach at the golden hour.

It’s a thing of pure beauty.

The “Original Cell” EP arrives on October 29th via Ritual Release.

Pre-order it here.


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