Premiere | Tendts: “Spirit” Video


Tendts: “Spirit” Video

Peep the trippy visuals for Tendts’ latest single, exclusively on LAGASTA. 

Filmed, performed & edited by George Panopoulos.

It’s video premiere time with our beloved Grecian trio Tendts, setting fire to the dancefloors we’ve all missed so much. Back in October, Tendts dropped their second extraterrestrial LP “Faith”, in which “Spirit” was included. A flawless track with an enviable coherence and a solid four-on-the-floor beat leading you to dreamy soundscapes. The awe-inspiring melody gets instantly stuck in your head, the rhythmic hi-hats tickle your feet and the imposing vocals create a magical atmosphere. The track feels like a ride back to an 80’s dark discotheque; we love it.

The track “Spirit” arrives with a super special video, which was filmed, performed and edited by Tendts’ talented friend George Panopoulos, who improvises his dionysian dance moves to the beat of Tendts. We are delighted to premiere the “Spirit” imaginative video here at LAGASTA HQ.

Tendts’ “Faith” LP is out via T.A.F. Recordings.

Get it here.


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