Premiere | SONLIFE: “Recollect” (feat. Abi Hardiman) Video


SONLIFE: “Recollect” (feat. Abi Hardiman) Video

SONLIFE is a British/Turkish music producer from South East London. His name directly translates from the Turkish words OĞUL (son) and CAN (life), it is a part of his identity which has often gone unknown to many of his friends and people around him, as he has spent most of his life using nicknames. He used to play and produce in Trip Hop outfit Haraket (also a Turkish word for “movement”) and when the band split, he took time out of producing. SONLIFE is also close friends and collaborator with Jacob Read aka Jerkcurb, the two made “Midnight Snack” and “Morpheus’ Arms” together. The last couple of years have been a creative high for SONLIFE – after taking a few years out from producing, he revisited many of his old tunes which he worked and worked until he got them to a place he was happy with.

After his well-received first release “The First”, SONLIFE returns with the second track off of his forthcoming album, which is expected to arrive next year via Chris Coco’s label Disappear. The track is called “Recollect”, and leans much more into atmospheric, shimmering Jazz than his previous release. It has a much more “live” feel to it, SONLIFE demonstrates his ability to flit between a more produced, electronic sound and a sound that feels like it has a band behind him. The track features vocals by Abi Hardiman (also of Haraket), a long time collaborator and friend. The track is heavily influenced by Julianna Barwick and Helado Negro’s joint project Ombre, as well drawing influences from across the Spiritual Jazz genre. SONLIFE also has his friends playing on the track; Emma Barnaby (of Levitation Orchestra) on strings, James Wilson (of King Krule and Rum Buffalo) on double bass, Sam Leach (of Masiba) on keys and Ed Bernez (of Mantis Opera) on drums.

Today we are delighted to premiere the beautiful animated video for “Recollect”, which was created by Tan Cemal Genç.

The single “Recollect” arrives on November 10th via Disappear.

Pre-order it here.<


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