Premiere | DJ City: “Drifting Around”


DJ City: “Drifting Around”

DJ City returns with a new EP of captivating and deeply melodic dance affairs. 

DJ City returns to Public Possession with a new EP inspired by Alejo Carpentier’s 1953 masterpiece “Los Pasos Perdidos”. 

By now you should know what to expect from Swedish-born, Berlin-based producer and DJ Johan Norling, aka DJ City; late-night dancefloor burners for broken heaters hugely inspired from the late-’80s/early-’90s, spoken-word dream house cuts for lonesome car rides in a big city and captivating, sensual, deeply melodic dance affairs, referencing and paying hommage to his childhood idols. Soundtracking love and life in a modern metropolis, the talented producer and Late Night City Tracks label founder has been turning heads lately with his playful and energetic style and his much loved quality releases.

For his first release of the year, DJ City returns to his regular home Public Possession with his four offering for the label, a new three-tracker called “Los Pasos Perdidos”. On this new record, he leaves his natural habitat and ends up in the jungle, making his way through a sea of infinite attractions, senses sharpened seeking sensuality. Once again, DJ City delivers a sublime collection of tracks much in the same vein as the EPs that preceded it, “Important Message”, “City of Sex” and “Your Love”. Filled with  tales of passion, heartbreak and love, “Los Pasos Perdidos” is truly essential and otherworldly.

“This EP is very inspired by the book from which I took the name, ‘Los Pasos Perdidos’ by Alejo Carpentier. It’s a story about losing oneself whilst searching, giving in to desire and the cost that might come with it. The novel from 1953 tells the story of a man who is commissioned to search for an instrument in the amazon and while doing so also starts a mental journey. It’s a fun book, you should read it if you can find a copy,” he says.

Before it drops next week, we are excited to premiere here at LAGASTA HQ one of the record’s standout tracks, the B1 cut “Drifting around”, a gorgeous slice of house goodness replete with melodic synths, driving beats and his spoken-word style vocals. We’d expect nothing less from DJ City. Put your headphones in and drift away.

The “Los Pasos Perdidos” EP drops on March 12th via Public Possession.

Pre-order it here.


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