Premiere | Takuya Nakamura: “Spacetak (Tronik Youth Remix)”


Takuya Nakamura: “Spacetak (Tronik Youth Remix)”

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer/DJ Takuya Nakamura has been on the scene in NY for over 20 years, playing trumpet, keyboards, and various electronic instruments with a diverse group of artists such as Quincy Jones, The Streets, George Russell’s Living Time Orchestra, Joy Askew, Arto Lindsay, Vernon Reid, Jojo Mayer’s Nerve, Brazilian Girls, Organic Grooves, Bob Moses, John Scofield, and many others.

Now, Takuya Nakamura lands on In Flagranti’s Codek Records with a great new EP called “Spacetak”, a five-tracker of space/funk/jazz disco goodness. The record features two original tracks, “Spacetak” and “Sun”, and two quality remixes by Tronic Youth and Jonny Sender. Before it drops in June, we’re psyched to premiere a killer seven-minute remix of the EPs title track from UK producer and Nein Records boss Tronik Youth. Blast it exclusively on La.Ga.Sta. Enjoy the ride.

Takuya Nakamura’s “Spacetak” EP arrives in vinyl and digital formats on June 11th via Codek.

Pre-order it here.


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