Payfone: “Sofian”

Payfone: “Sofian”

Phil Passera and Jimmy Day are back in such fine form. 

Having lit up sunsets and sunrises with their first outing on Leng Records, the deliciously Balearic “Last Night in Sant Celoni” (previously featured here), Payfone has opted for a more sensual and seductive sound on their follow-up, the stellar new track “Sofian”.

Payfone’s Phil Passera and Jimmy Day are in fine form once again on their new track “Sofian”, a deep, chugging and intoxicating affair topped off by a sleazy and breathy, half-sung and half-spoken vocal from Barbara Alcindor, previously of hugely successful European chart-toppers French Affair. Completing the release comes a more dub-disco remix from Jimmy Day, aka Loyal. Get your fill of the 12”mix of “Sofian” and drive slow.

Payfone’s “Sofian” is out now via Leng Records. Get it here.


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