CFCF: “Life Is Perfecto”

CFCF: “Life Is Perfecto”

It’s the first single from Mike Silver’s upcoming new album “Memoryland”.

CFCF’s new album “Memoryland” arrives in April.

Montreal’s eclectic producer Mike Silver, aka CFCF, returns with his new album “Memoryland”, the follow-up to 2019’s “Liquid Colours” LP, a kaleidoscopic electronica album that takes a range of styles from his earliest formative listening years (1997-2000) and throws them in a blender. Elements of jungle, house, UK garage, trance, pop and post-grunge are blended to form a glossy picture of restless youth in an identity crisis: memoryland.

Featuring fellow Montreal music group No Joy and Kero Kero Bonito frontwoman Sarah Bonito, the record was inspired as much by Sonic Youth and Smashing Pumpkins as the Chemical Brothers and Basement Jaxx; as much by films like Millennium Mambo, Demonlover, Morvern Callar, Safe and Perfect Blue as late 90’s Prada.

In CFCF’s own words: “I was feeling fatigued by an overabundance of ‘calming’, productivity-oriented music, and wanted to explore something angsty, messy, and dark, while also applying a pop sheen. I see a loose narrative across the album: your early 20’s, a new city, new people, new temptations and new traps. Losing your sense of self to the whims of your surroundings and trends in music and fashion; the wrong people, and trying to dig yourself out of that hole. There’s a hope of moving forward that glimmers in the last quarter of the album, but it’s out of reach and seems to come at a price. And then the looking back on it later with perspective; or the looking forward to it before with anticipation. As a kid I couldn’t wait to be in my 20’s; in my 30’s it’s bittersweet to look back. That’s the core of memoryland: the gulf between the fantasy, the reality, and the memory, and how we live inside each of those at different points.”

Our first taste comes in the form of “Life Is Perfecto”, a propulsive breakbeat-dreampop hybrid. “I wrote this song almost 5 years ago, as a way to break from months of indecision and writers block by refocusing on the music that first transfixed me as a kid in 1997-2000.” Give it a spin below.

The “Memoryland” LP drops on April 9th via BGM Solutions.

Pre-order it here.


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