Premiere | Sepehr: “Coup D’etat”

April 2nd, 2020

You all know how much we love Dark Entries and you may consider that we might be exaggerating sometimes but this premiere – yeah it’s premiere time – is undoubtedly sublime. After his “Body Mechanics” EP for Dark Entries back in 2018, San Francisco-based Sepehr Alimagham is back with his debut LP “Shaytoon”. Apart from being a great live act and DJ, a creative producer and a remixer, Sepehr is a blend of esoteric and unique musical inspirations and ideas that come together to create sonic anthems.

Sepehr’s eight-track “Shaytoon” LP prove it; twisted acid, left-of center electro, sludgy psychedelia, and things-you-can-maybe-call-techno are a few of the sonic elements found within. You sense the nostalgia coming from his youth and from the ’70s Iranian albums’ rotation, and at the same time you sense this magical dance-floor vibe with some songs also showcasing a low-slung, cerebral approach.

We are excited to premiere today Sepehr’s track “Coup D’etat”, a perfect slice of experimental electronica. The very first seconds of the track are rolling and we are like “Damn, this is ace”. It goes on and your ears get stuffed with a mind-capturing melody that transfer you to melancholic, gloomy paths and yet you feel spirited and strong. The hypnotic synths create a hallucinating soundscape, the beat electrifies you and the synths’ analog tape sound makes you wobble while bringing you closer to Boards of Canada character. Have to say once more: the synths are massive. Dears riders, blast the track above and enjoy this underground ride. Feel free to dance wherever you are.

The artwork pays tribute to ‘70s Iranian pop and funk albums with bold Farsi calligraphy and portraits by Sahra Jajarmikhayat.

Sepehr’s “Shaytoon” LP drops on April 10th via Dark Entries. Pre-order it here.

Words: Elice

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[Premiere] Red Axes: “Prblems”

December 3rd, 2019

Words: Elice

One of the most important things in music is personality. It’s that magical moment when you listen to a track and you know who the creator is; you sense who’s behind all these sounds. And that is among others Red Axes’ distinctive characteristic. And we couldn’t possibly expect less from our favorite label Dark Entries that crosses the finishing line of 2019 with a sublime release. A 4-track EP called “Voom” by the mighty Red Axes is on its way and we are more than excited. Straight from Tel Aviv the prolific production duo of Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi are loyal to their signature sound, whilst breathing –their one of a kind – fresh air to the electronic music scene. We all admire their weird sonic artefacts mixing post-punk, new-wave, Italo-disco, acid, EBM, which lead you directly to the dance floor. Their music is a fantastic blend of inspired moods.

Today, we’re psyched to premiere the EP’s last track, the 10-minute ecstatic anthem “Prblems”. The tune shouts out “Red Axes are here”. The track “Prblems” is tireless and it grows darker and more powerful as the minutes pass by. Militant drums, battered electronics and lovingly drowned traditional instruments hypnotically pulse and reverberate. It’s the perfect late-night or early-morning DJ’s selection that creates one of the most memorable moments of your time out. You close your eyes cause you feel to, you sense the tracks’ bewitching vibe and rhythm and you have a majestic stellar ride. Blast it above!

The “Voom” EP drops on December 6th via Dark Entries. Pre-order here.

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La.Ga.Sta. Late Summer Compilation Vol. 9

September 24th, 2019

[Artwork: Stefanos Michaelides]

The wait is over! It’s that time of the year when we love to pretend that summer never ends with LAGASTA’s annual free “Late Summer” compilation. The ninth installment is finally here and features exclusive tracks, previously unreleased edits and much-loved tunes, available as a free download for the first time. Brimming with the warmth of those long summer days and sun-kissed vibes of our own road trips, the “Late Summer” compilation Vol. 9 will take you on a journey through the most carefree season of the year.

As per usual, the new 18-track collection features lots of exclusive tracks from the likes of Kasper Bjørke, Massimiliano Pagliara, Kiwi, MLiR, Fabrizio Mammarella, ROTCIV, Younger Than Me, Local Suicide, Bawrut, Juan Ramos, and Boys’ Shorts.

It also includes much-loved gems available as a free download for the first time, featuring Gerd Janson remix of Underground System, JKriv, Anatolian Weapons remix of Lena Platonos, Spencer Parker remix of Jacques Renault, Kapote, Lipelis remix of Kito Jempere, Dylan Moon and Sui Zhen.

Shout out to all the artists and labels for making it happen. Ride with us!

DOWNLOAD: La.Ga.Sta.’s Late Summer Compilation Vol. 9 HERE for the price of an e-mail.


01. Kasper Bjørke – Corsica [exclusive]

What a better way to open La.Ga.Sta.’s compilation Vol. 9 than with an exclusive new track, entitled “Corsica”, from Danish extraordinaire Kasper Bjørke. Our beloved producer and DJ takes us for a trip to Corsica with a sublime new track that rewards repeat listens. It’s yet another example of Kasper Bjørke doing what he does best. What a ride!

02. Massimiliano Pagliara – Make Love And Push – Ups (Edit) [exclusive]

It’s time for a killer disco edit from fabulous Italian-born, Berlin-based producer and DJ Massimiliano Pagliara, who always delives the goods. His contribution to our new compilation is a previously unreleased track, entitled “Make Love And Push – Ups”, a perfectly-crafted rework of a disco treasure. Pure magic!

03. ROTCIV – Steamy [exclusive]

Berlin-based Brazilian producer ROTCIV’s great skills are here once again, as well as his fantastic dark synths. The track “Steamy” is an explosive tune, diving into 80s electro-disco soundscapes and blowing your mind with its cosmically atmospheric melodies.

04. Larry Gus – Taped Hands Here (Boys Shorts Remix) [exclusive]

Something special comes to our station from DFA Records. Boys Shorts, the duo of Vangelis, one half of LAGASTA and Greek-born, London-based Tareq, are making their debut with this club-ready remix of Larry Gus’ new single “Taped Hands Here”, a great tune from his upcoming new album “Subservient”, his fourth release for DFA, set to drop on October 25th. This six-minute remix is nothing less than pure dancefloor brilliance. Grab Boys Shorts’ first remix, exclusively on our compilation, and keep an eye out for these guys!

05. Fabrizio Mammarella – Unit [exclusive]

Italian producer Fabrizio Mammarella, who is also behind the Slow Motion & Wrong Era labels, is part of our compilation with “Unit”, a ten-minute epic electronic odyssey. It’s hard to put into words just how good this track is with beautifully crafted synths and classic drums. It ebbs and flows beautifully carrying the listener along with it. Just check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

06. Lena Platonos – Cyaniris (Anatolian Weapons 6 A.M. Eternal)

Thanks to Dark Entries, Lena Platonos’ third solo album “Lepidopetra”, which was originally released back in 1986, was reissued in 2018. Four contemporary Greek producers got also recruited to deliver remixes of their favorite tracks, and Anatolian Weapons works his magic on “Cyaniris” offering a magical late night ride through the New Wave forest. A simply amazing dark synth-pop treat. It’s now yours, courtesy of Dark Entries.

07. Kiwi – Time Cycle [exclusive]

London-based producer Kiwi never cease to amaze us. For our new compilation, he contributes a brand-new track called “Time Cycle” that finds him in such fine form. And this quality tune is a definitely a ride to remember.

08. Sui Zhen – Matsudo City Life

A stellar track from Melbourne pop artist Sui Zhen. The track “Matsudo City Life” has been on repeat on our car stereo for a while now, and its lifted from her forthcoming album “Losing, Linda”, a follow-up to 2015’s “Secretly Susan”, set to drop on Septembwer 27th. The track “Matsudo City Life” is now available for free download, courtesy of Dot Dash Recordings/Cascine.

09. Younger Than Me feat. Local Suicide – Late Sunday Night [exclusive]

Younger Than Me and Local Suicide’s collaborative contribution exclusively for our compilation. Both duos have been killing it lately with a solid string of releases. With “Late Sunday Night” they deliver a hard-hitting, acid-infused party starter. Play it loud!

10. Bawrut – Fake Meditation [exclusive]

Let’s take a ride with Italian-born, Madrid-based producer and DJ Bawrut. Heavily influenced by the work of Chicago pioneers, the established European teachers and every sound he can find on the internet or in digging sessions, Bawrut’s taste toes a wonderfully balanced line between classics and brand new tracks. His contribution to our compilation, an exclusive new track called “Fake Meditation”, is an epic ride that clocks at nearly ten minutes. Not to be missed.

11. Jacques Renault – BK Slice (Spencer Parker Works Harder Mix)

Last year, Let’s Play House released LPH cofounder, Jacques Renault’s sophomore album, “BK Club Beats, Breaks & Versions”, a back-to-basics effort with Renault doing what he does best. Few weeks ago, four remixes were presented and one of them is yours now for absolutely free. The track “BK Slice” got remixed by London-born, Berlin-based Spencer Parker and the result is a sunny disco strutter spinning across the dancefloor.

12. Underground System – Just A Place (Gerd Janson Remix)

Running Back head honcho and Tuff City Kids member Gerd Janson delivers a driving big room friendly interpretation of “Just A Place”, a downtown-NY-meets-afro-disco-stylings tune, from Brooklyn-based band Underground System. The original track is taken from the band’s debut “What Are You” LP. Held together by Janson’s signature pulsing italo bass, New Beat influence, this dancefloor-ready remix is now available for free downlload, courtesy of Soul Clap Records.

13. Kapote – Delirio Italiano

Italo disco at its best! Kapote is the enigmatic staple of Berlin’s Toy Tonics label and back in April he released his first album titled “What It Is”, which included “Delirio Italiano”. A disco flavored house track with a deep bassline and delicious funky vibes. For our compilation Vol. 9, Kapote kindly contributes with this dancefloor-filler track, we have on repeat all this time, and which has just been released as part of the remix EP2. It’s yours, courtesy of Toy Tonics.

14. Kito Jempere – Lifetime Theme (Lipelis Kebab House Remix)

The track has been on repeat and we can’t get enough of it. Our beloved Kito Jempere’s track “Lifetime Theme” got reworked by Lipelis, a Russian studio wizard and music maniac. The result is a cosmic treasure of sounds; exotic chords, tropical vibes, lively melodies and that bass, which is absolutely captivating. It’s now yours for free, courtesy of Italy’s Hell Yeah Recordings.

15. Juan Ramos – Blue Dunes [exclusive]

Berlin’s own Juan Ramos, of Discodromo’s infamous queer party Cocktail D’Amore and one half of GreenVision, lands on our station with an exclusive new track called “Blue Dunes”, a perfectly crafted house tune for your next car rides.

16. MLiR – “Radion (Until We Meet Again, My Furry Friend)” [exclusive]

With “Radion (Until We Meet Again, My Furry Friend)”, MLiR,
the incredible Barcelona-based Swedish musical collective fronted by Marco Gegenheimer and Einar Christoffersson, tackles the difficult topic of having lost someone so beloved and hairy, that in the darkest of nights you can still hear the distant barking of your little buddy. RIP.

Written and performed by Einar Christoffersson and Marco Gegenheimer.

17. JKriv – Say Wut (Rework)

This sublime rework “Say Wut” comes from our beloved Brooklyn-based producer, DJ, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, co-head of Razor-N-Tape Records JKriv. It’s a smooth and breezy beauty, ideal for driving down a coastal highway with the windows down. Pure class!

18. Dylan Moon – Song For Jerry

We couldn’t think of a better way to close our new “Late Summer” compilation Vol. 9 than with “Song For Jerry” from LA-based artist Dylan Moon. A beauty of a tune, “Song For Jerry” is taken from his recently released superb debut album “Only the Blues”, an album ornate with so many musical ideas to express that it teeters between ecstasy and anxiety. It’s now yours for free, courtesy of RVNG Intl.

Download: Late Summer Compilation Vol. 8
Download: Late Summer Compilation Vol. 7
Download: Late Summer Compilation Vol. 6
Download: Late Summer Compilation Vol. 5
Download: Late Summer Compilation Vol. 4
Download: Late Summer Compilation Vol. 3
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Download: La.Ga.Sta. Summer Compilation

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[Premiere] Violet: “Half Crazy”

August 15th, 2019

Words: Elice

Dear riders, we have something special for you. An album that you may have heard rumors about being released, an album that you surely have been waiting, an album that is amazing. Well, the rumors are true and our truly beloved Violet releases her debut album “Bed of Roses” on Dark Entries; one of our favorite labels as well.

We have introduced both Violet and Dark Entries in the past, but there is always something to share when it comes to great, innovative and inspiring artists and labels. Violet, the alias of Inês Borges Coutinho, was born and raised as a DJ in magical Lisbon and it was in 2012 when she began producing her own music. She is the producer boss of the successful Naive records, co-founder of Rádio Quântica, and mina resident, a collectively run queer party. Inês loves all kinds of music, she is honest in everything she does, and despite all her accomplishments, she is really humble and we admire her both for her personality and her powerful music.

The one port city has thankfully met another one, and San Francisco’s Dark Entries, which celebrates its ten-year history, gets Violet on board. Josh Cheon, a vinyl-focused DJ, keen collector and our respected friend, is the founder of the label which has been characterized as the one that “is shedding light on forgotten masterpieces”, rereleasing rare or hard to find ‘80s-centric music – which includes EBM, new wave, Italo, Hi-NRG, proto-house, synth pop, post punk and more, and we can surely add, the one that releases new great music, influenced from the 80’s and the one that has developed a level of trust few labels manage to accomplish on such a wide scale in under a decade.

Coming back to Violet’s album, “Bed of Roses” contains 10 songs made as a sort of childhood-teenage memories diary, a return to things Inês liked then and also the difficult things she’s been through. And yes, the title comes from the Bon Jovi song that Inês loved as a 9-year old. Inês says, “I wrote this music as a healing device that I hope can somehow help heal others too.” All songs have been mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. The jacket features an original design by Eloise Leigh that incorporates themes of self-inspection and hope mixing a teen bedroom girly vintage scrapbook aesthetic with contemporary 3D mapping techniques.

Today, finally, we’re really excited to premiere the album’s 4th track, the incredible “Half Crazy”. Its title kinda speaks the truth. Your senses wake up with 80’s synth sounds, alongside a magnetic breakbeat rhythm and in the middle of the track a “crazy”, playful, wanna-move melody shows up and you can’t get enough of this ride! The repeat button is on. Blast the track above!

Violet’s “Bed of Roses” drops on September 20th via Dark Entries. Pre-order it here.

p.s. Each LP contains a postcard featuring a childhood photo of Inês with notes.

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Last year, the ever-excellent San Francisco label Dark Entries has reissued another sublime album from Greek electronic pioneer Lena Platonos, her debut solo album “Μάσκες Ηλίου” (“Sun Masks”). Originally recorded in 1984, the “Sun Masks” LP was Platonos’ first record to feature her own lyrics and vocals. The album featured experiments with different sounds and a new batch of electronic equipment, such as the Roland TR 808 drum machine and Yamaha C60 synthesizer. Lena narrates each song in deadpan fashion, skillfully reciting her surreal Greek poetry. Her lyrics deal with the futility of love, the gap of human relationships, consumerist alienation in the bourgeois lifestyle of the 1980s.

Dark Entries has recruited four of their favorite producers to remix their favorite tracks from “Sun Masks”. The remix EP also features a great new remix of “Hoping By Shopping” by New York-based DJ/producer/vocalist and Firehouse Recordings boss Kim Ann Foxman. In her capable hands, the spacey robotic original track is transformed into a dynamic deep house workout, tough and dreamy all at once. You can now stream it exclusively on La.Ga.Sta.

Lena Platonos’ “Sun Masks” Remixes EP, which also includes three finely crafted remixes by Avalon Emerson, Lena Willikens and Borusiade, is out now on Dark Entries. Buy it here.

Lena Platonos: “Liqueur Ruby” [Red Axes Remix]

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[Premiere] Lena Platonos: “Liqueur Ruby (Red Axes Remix)”

February 15th, 2016

Last year, San Francisco’s Dark Entries label reissued “Gallop”, the sixth album from Greek electronic pioneer Lena Platonos, which was originally released all the way back in 1985. Recorded entirely on analog gear, “Gallop” is an album ahead of its time. According to Lena Platonos herself, the record is a “study in the mythology of urban population of the contemporary metropolis and also a gaze into the future life of it.”

Now, Dark Entries has recruited Tel-Aviv’s Red Axes, the prolific production duo of Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi, to remix four of the tracks from “Gallop”. The Remix EP finds Red Axes in fine form, delivering four quality reworks in their own trademark style. Today, we’re psyched to bring you the exclusive premiere of Red Axes’ solid remix of Lena Platonos’ “Liqueur Ruby”, featuring middle eastern rhythms by fellow Tel Aviv musicians The Dirty Lizards. In the hands of Red Axes, “Liqueur Ruby” is transformed into an eight-minute trippy ride, shrouded in a “psychedelic mist”. Blast it above, exclusively on La.Ga.Sta.

The “Lena Platonos – Red Axes Remixes” EP will drop on February 23.
You can pre-order your copy here.

Red Axes: “Sabor” (feat. Abrão)

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