[Premiere] Lena Platonos: “Liqueur Ruby (Red Axes Remix)”

[Premiere] Lena Platonos: “Liqueur Ruby (Red Axes Remix)”

Last year, San Francisco’s Dark Entries label reissued “Gallop”, the sixth album from Greek electronic pioneer Lena Platonos, which was originally released all the way back in 1985. Recorded entirely on analog gear, “Gallop” is an album ahead of its time. According to Lena Platonos herself, the record is a “study in the mythology of urban population of the contemporary metropolis and also a gaze into the future life of it.”

Now, Dark Entries has recruited Tel-Aviv’s Red Axes, the prolific production duo of Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi, to remix four of the tracks from “Gallop”. The Remix EP finds Red Axes in fine form, delivering four quality reworks in their own trademark style. Today, we’re psyched to bring you the exclusive premiere of Red Axes’ solid remix of Lena Platonos’ “Liqueur Ruby”, featuring middle eastern rhythms by fellow Tel Aviv musicians The Dirty Lizards. In the hands of Red Axes, “Liqueur Ruby” is transformed into an eight-minute trippy ride, shrouded in a “psychedelic mist”. Blast it above, exclusively on La.Ga.Sta.

The “Lena Platonos – Red Axes Remixes” EP will drop on February 23.
You can pre-order your copy here.

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