Premiere | Red Axes: “Prblems”


Red Axes: “Prblems”

Perfect late-night or early-morning rides.

One of the most important things in music is personality. It’s that magical moment when you listen to a track and you know who the creator is; you sense who’s behind all these sounds. And that is among others Red Axes’ distinctive characteristic. And we couldn’t possibly expect less from our favorite label Dark Entries that crosses the finishing line of 2019 with a sublime release. A 4-track EP called “Voom” by the mighty Red Axes is on its way and we are more than excited.

Straight from Tel Aviv the prolific production duo of Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi are loyal to their signature sound, whilst breathing –their one of a kind – fresh air to the electronic music scene. We all admire their weird sonic artefacts mixing post-punk, new-wave, Italo-disco, acid, EBM, which lead you directly to the dance floor. Their music is a fantastic blend of inspired moods.

Today, we’re psyched to premiere the EP’s last track, the 10-minute ecstatic anthem “Prblems”. The tune shouts out “Red Axes are here”. The track “Prblems” is tireless and it grows darker and more powerful as the minutes pass by. Militant drums, battered electronics and lovingly drowned traditional instruments hypnotically pulse and reverberate.

It’s the perfect late-night or early-morning DJ’s selection that creates one of the most memorable moments of your time out. You close your eyes cause you feel to, you sense the tracks’ bewitching vibe and rhythm and you have a majestic stellar ride.

The “Voom” EP drops on December 6th via Dark Entries. Pre-order here.


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