World Gym: “Eres Mi Sueño”

World Gym: “Eres Mi Sueño”

Hazy dream pop straight from the city of Stockholm.

It’s the gym world!

Beer from plastic cups spilled on sticky carpets. A cold sea breeze, leaving a salty kiss on your lips. Never fully coming of age, forever keep some of that sweet teenage rage. Introducing World Gym, a new trio straight from the city of Stockholm. The band’s debut release for Munich’s Public Possession is a superb EP of three finely crafted tunes of emotional, hazy dream pop. The record’s first single “Eres Mi Sueño” is just perfect for a sunny car ride with the windows down. Can’t wait to hear more from World Gym.

The “World Gym” EP is out now via Public Possession.

Pick up your copy here.


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