DMX Krew: “Party Life”

DMX Krew: “Party Life”

UK legend returns to Permanent Vacation with his second album “Party Life”. 

After the re-release of his classic “Nu Romantix” album, Ed Upton’s DMX Krew returns to the ever-excellent Permanent Vacation with his second album, entitled “Party Life”. This time round, the long-haired UK legend is putting on his romancing suit and crooning over boogie, disco and funk tracks in a way only he can do it. The music will either make you jump for joy or cruising down the coastal promenade. The nine-track record “Party Life”, which also includes two dub mixes of the title track and “Show Me”, is yet another fine example why Ed is a master of all crafts in the ever expanding DMX Krew universe. Stream the whole thing below, and enjoy the ride.

The album “Party Life” is out now via Permanent Vacation.

Get it here.


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