Woolfy vs Projections: “Destination Hell (Eagles & Butterflies Remixes)”

Woolfy vs Projections: “Destination Hell (Eagles & Butterflies Remixes)”


A trio of killer remixes from LA-based producer Chris Barratt.

Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Chris Barratt, aka Eagles & Butterflies, takes the wheel for a trio of killer remixes of Woolfy vs Projections’ “Destination Hell”, a track taken from the California duo’s 2019 fourth album “Destinations”. In Eagles & Butterflies’ hands, “Destination Hell , a smooth track with a deep balearic twilight vibe, is completely transformed into a powerful, epic ride full of dancefloor energy. First up is the main seven-plus-minute version, a banger of a tune, followed by the “Sunrise” remix and a guitar-driven unplugged version. Dancefloor heaven all the way.

The Eagles & Butterflies remixes of “Destination Hell” is out now via Permanent Vacation. Get it here.


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