Marlene: “Angeldust Incl.”

Marlene: “Angeldust Incl.”

A ska-meets-cabaret-at-the-disco ride. 

The fifth release on King Of Kong, a joint venture by DJ and curator Artur8 and Scandinavian producera Anton Klint and Edvin Edvinson, is a 14-track compilation, titled “Interlocal”, including fresh tracks from friends, both new and returning. One of the compilation’s many highlights is “Angeldust Incl.”, a special track that combines lyrics from the prolific German filmmaker Klaus Lemke with mesmerizing ska-meets-cabaret-at-the-disco music produced by Munich-based producer and DJ Jonas Imbery, aka Telonius, co-founder of Gomma Records, and sang by Jonas’s daughter Marlene, and Mike Antoine. It’s so damn good.

King Of Kong’s “V.A. – Interlocal” is out now. Get it here.


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