Vick Lavender: “Shifting Gears (Vick Lavender’s Time Traveler Mix)”

Vick Lavender: “Shifting Gears (Vick Lavender’s Time Traveler Mix)”

When it comes to creating atmospheric soundscapes, rhythm and melodies Chicago’s very own Vick Lavender is a true master. The “Shifting Gears” EP of two epic tracks, which marks his debut release for the ever-excellent Swedish label Local Talk, is a lesson in deep and soulful house music, rich in organic instrumentation.

Here, we have the record’s opening track, Vick Lavender’s “Time Traveler Mix” of “Shifting Gears”, a 11-plus minute epic ride. This boucing dancefloor gem will surely turn heads from the get-go and have everyone dancing thru out the entire track. Enjoy the ride. The “Shifting Gears” EP is out now via Local Talk.

Pick up your copy here.


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