Venice Arms: “The Future Is Waiting” EP

Venice Arms: “The Future Is Waiting” EP

Curses has a new side project called Venice Arms, a tribute to the rave days of his teenage youth. 

Curses evokes his inner raver as Venice Arms, his intriguing new side project.

During the first wave of Lockdown, our beloved New Yorker and Berlin-based musician, producer and DJ Luca Venezia, aka Curses, has produced something a bit different, a record that pays tribute to the rave days of his teenage youth, under his Venice Arms moniker. His first offering as Venice Arms is a killer four-tracker called “The Future Is Waiting” of nostalgic rave euphoria for Munich’s finest Permanent Vacation. 

As Curses, Luca Venezia is best known for brilliantly building dark and romantic tracks somewhere between new wave, post punk and Italo disco. Since our lives are currently a bit upside down and inside out, the prolific musician, producer and DJ evokes his inner raver as Venice Arms. Going to raves as a teenager was a crucial part of Luca’s musical upbringing. It always echoed in his music, but now comes fully to the forefront. As he says: “Besides going to punk and Goth shows as a teenager, raves were an integral part of my teenage youth. I’ve finally incorporated this energy into a side project called Venice Arms.”

“The Future Is Waiting” EP features three rave-infused club weapons filled with early ’90s references. And on top of love, the man gives us the Curses treatment of the record’s title track and turns it into a next wave anthem. Stream the whole thing below. 

“The Future Is Waiting” EP is out now via Permanent Vacation.

Get it here.


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