Thomass Jackson & Theus Mago: “Clubby”


Thomass Jackson & Theus Mago: “Clubby”

A killer tune from the pair’s debut collaborative EP for Hard Fist Records . 

Thomass Jackson & Theus Mago land on Hard Fist Records with their debut collaborative EP “El Venao”.

Between some intense FIFA sessions and Jackson’s new beach-libertine way of living, Thomass Jackson, a producer and DJ from Argentina, who’s now living somewhere in Mexico and co-runs the Calypso Records, and prolific Mexican producer Mateo González, aka Theus Mago, who’s also co-founder of Duro, found some time to make a bit of new music.

Live jamming at the beginning and then, in pandemic times via the world wide web, they managed to finish four tracks that showcase of all the things they like, hate and a bit more. After brilliant appearances on labels such as Correspondant, Futureboogie and Duro, the pair is getting ready to drop their first collaborative EP entited “El Venao” for Hard Fist Records, the excellent Lyon-based llabel of Cornelius Doctor and Tushen Raï.

From the tribal sounds of “Don Palenque” to the trippy and weirdo vibes of “El Venao”, passing by a more straight to the dancefloor-oriented track like “Clubby”, they have created an intense (remember FIFA) and vibrant EP. Today, we are psyched to premiere here at LAGASTA HQ the record’s opener “Clubby”, a killer dancefloor heater. We’d expect nothing less from these two major artists from the Mexican psychedelic contemporary scene.

Bast it below, exclusively on LAGASTA.

The “El Venao” EP, which comes backed with a remix by Ana Helder, arrives on February 3 via Hard Fist Records.

Pre-order it here.


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