Sound Support: “Méhari”

Sound Support: “Méhari”

Sound Support land on Let’s Play House with a superb five-track EP. 

Synth wizard Lorenz Rhode and Detroit Swindle’s Lars Dale return as Sound Support.

After dropping the “Clavi Οn Τhe Rocks” EP on House of Disco and their second EP “Apollo 21” for Internasjonal, Sound Support, the synth-loving duo of Lorenz Rhode and Detroit Swindle’s Lars Dale, land on Let’s Play House with their debut release for the label, a five-tracker called “Méhari” of big electro energy.

With the “Méhari” EP, Sound Support have created something speical, a finely crafted record that will keep you warm and bouncy, wailing and flailing, all through the fall and winter. Funky, sassy synth melodies snaked around tight and punchy drums that instantly make you wiggle like a worm.

It starts with the title track, a thumper with a herky-jerky swing, then slides into a slightly more melodious and noodly territory before completing with “Detox Your Feelings,” a high-speed Hi-NRG and Italo disco rocket ship off this planet into interstellar space. Stream the track “Méhari” below.

The “Méhari” is out now via Let’s Play House.

Get it here.


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