SIRS: “Travel To Hdf​.​y3D”

SIRS: “Travel To Hdf​.​y3D”

SIRS returns to Live At Robert Johnson with a new five-tracker. 

SIRS takes us on a journey into space.

Berlin-based versatile DJ and producer Daniel Klein, aka SIRS (read: Sounds In Real Stereo), has returned to Live At Robert Johnson with a new EP called “Travel To Hdf​.​y3D”, an “utopian ode to space travel”, according to the label. The new record follows his much-played debut EP “Arrived”, released last year on the same label, filled of laid-back Balearic disco goodness.

The “Travel To Hdf​.​y3D” EP features three original tracks and two fine remixes of the title track from Budino and Panthera Krause. Here, we have your the record’s title track, which finds SIRS delivering an epic nine-plus-minute tune. It’s a spacey, melodious, uplifting disco-infused jam that will transport you to a faraway galaxy.

Blast it below.

The “Travel To Hdf​.​y3D” EP is out now via Live At Robert Johnson.

Pick up your copy here.


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