Rezerwat: “Zaopiekuj się mną (Holiday 80 Rework)”

Rezerwat: “Zaopiekuj się mną (Holiday 80 Rework)”

Warsaw duo deliver classy edits of forgotten Polish gems. 

A dark, Italo synthwave rework of Rezerwat’s ’80s classic from Holiday 80.

There are few who can breathe new life into old Polish songs as well as the Warsaw duo Holiday 80. Their new versions of forgotten Polish songs are always incredibly danceable, featuring great production quality.

In April, the duo will drop their “The Very Holiday 80 Sampler” EP for Polish cult label The Very Polish Cut-Outs. This record also marks the launch of the label’s new series of samplers, which will fully showcase the production artistry of individual Polish producers.

“The Very Holiday 80 Sampler” EP features four new edits that are perfect for club play (once they’ve opened) but fun enough for home listening. The EP’s real gem is the B-side opener “Zaopiekuj się mną”, which finds Holiday 80 deliver a synthwave, dark Italo-style rework of Rezerwat’s 1985 hit single “Zaopiekuj się mną” that was on top of Polish favourite lists of the era. The rework arrives with some ’80s retro-style visuals by Grzegorz Lipiński.

“The Very Holiday 80 Sampler” EP will drop on April 9th.

Pre-order it here.


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