Reissue | Sexual Harrassment: “I Need A Freak”


Sexual Harrassment: “I Need A Freak”

Sexual Harrassment’s 1982 opus has been reissued for the first time on double LP. 

“It’s funny – without sex, mankind is dead, yet we hide the very thing we need.”

Dark Entries Records recently dropped yet another great reissue, this time ’round a deluxe reissue of Sexual Harrassment’s 1982 opus “I Need A Freak” of quirky-yet-lurid electro funk. Presented for the first time on double LP and pressed at 45 rpm for maximum DJ-friendliness, the “I Need A Freak” LP features two bonus cuts, “We Want Prince” and “These Are The Things That I Like”, previously released as singles in 1984 and 1986, respectively. It also comes packaged in a gatefold sleeve with lyrics, photos, and liner notes by the band.

Lynn Tolliver, DJ/Program Director at Cleveland’s WZAK, adopted the pseudonym David Payton in order to keep his musical endeavors separate from his public persona. Sexual Harrassment (misspelled deliberately) was formed as a concept band, with members selected based on appearance and choreographic skill rather than musical ability.

Tolliver’s explicit lyrics focused on the central themes of desire and sexual relations. Working at a studio in Akron, he recorded an album of quirky-yet-lurid electro funk, which was released on Heat Records. Tolliver remarks, “I learned as a youngster, sex sells! The things that are rated the worst – violence, horror and sex – are the things people want to see or hear about.” “I Need a Freak” was a surprise hit, selling over 100,000 copies.

The “I Need A Freak” LP has been remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios.

Pick up your copy here.


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