Premiere | Wax Museum: “Reality” Video


Wax Museum: “Reality” Video

Created by Prague-based animator Leo Nikolaev.

Created by Prague-based animator Leo Nikolaev.

We’ve been trying to find the proper words to present our special premiere today cause it’s really amazing and no words seem enough. It was the punk spirit that brought six talented people together in Berlin and led them to create the band Wax Museum in 2019.

Bryan Dunleavy, Yaz Uemura, James Foster, Daniel Cherney, Pierre Auradon and Diego Benelli, all from different parts of the globe, made midnight forays into the studio which was very much used as a compositional tool. Contrapuntal melodies, cleverly sequenced synthesizers, multiple percussive layers and vocal choirs reminiscent of an Orffian choir defined the approach. Their debut EP “I Will Probably Do The Opposite” drops next month via Unsustainable records; a digital-only-release comprised of two tracks, “Reality” and “Slovenly Shop”. And judging by these two masterpieces, we wish we had a whole album to listen to.

Today we are excited to premiere the fantastic video for “Reality”. The production of the video took him 4 months, the piece consisting of 4200 original images. We couldn’t imagine of a better video for the track. You may find yourself in it, you may find the world you’re dealing with every day in it and “if you perceive it, it must be true”. The video is a work of art and the track as well. It feels like it jumped out of the post punk revival scene of the early 00’s meeting along with the absolute funky groove that springs from the excellent bass and the 70’s great funk guitar. The straight beat, the cowbells and the vocals – sincerely post punk – integrate the perfection of the track. We can’t stop singing “Back to Reality”.

The “I Will Probably Do the Opposite” EP drops on June 1st via Unsustainable records. Pre-order it here.


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