Premiere | Stevie R: “Saté Saté Saté” (feat. Parisinos)


Stevie R: “Saté Saté Saté”
(feat. Parisinos)


Get ready for an epic ride to an analogue paradise.

We are surrounded by tones of music, both good and bad, that it’s more difficult to find the ones giving you the chills. We even wonder if there is more to be discovered and delivered in terms of musical genres, or have we pushed innovation to its limits? And while we have these questions and thoughts, Greek London-based visionary musician, producer, and performer Stavros Potamitis, aka Stevie R, is here with the follow-up of the first part of his mini-album release, “Oropós”, offering three more doses of groundbreaking, goose-bumping sounds.

“Ta Paidia Tis Geitonias” continue to push Stevie’s beloved creation, the Rebetronica sound; the combination of his homeland folk music Rebetiko with analogue electronics, indie, techno, and dark disco influences. This great album is the result of Stevie R’ s partnership with London-based prolific DJ and producer, Constantinos Parisinos, aka Parisinos, who is also the co-owner of the experimental label Inside Out Records together with Stevie. “Ta Paidia Tis Geitonias”, which will drop on Chapter 24 Records, is the epitome of what we call forward-thinking and the negative answer to our question above; new ideas that make us shiver still exist.

As can be seen, we are delighted that LAGASTA is premiering tonight the second splendid track of the mini album’s second part, named “Saté Saté Saté”, an epic ride to an analogue paradise. Layers of diverse synths are popping up while the drum machine is playing games with your ears, the melody sounds wicked, the awkward vocal samples join the club and the bassline, which is an earworm in itself, holds everything together. A 70s psychedelic feel gives the piece the air of the classic and the blend is simply amazing; a track you will definitely dance to.

Blast it exclusively on LAGASTA.

“Ta Paidia Tis Geitonias” drops on July 15th via Chapter 24 Records. Pre-order it here and welcome yourself to the musical cosmos of Stevie R.


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