Premiere | Haunted Strasse & Young Drums: “Connection”


Haunted Strasse & Young Drums: “Connection”

A massive collaboration is ready to do some serious dancefloor damage. 

Mexico is on fire and one massive collaboration is ready to do some serious dancefloor damage. Cani, from our beloved Zombies in Miami, and Young Drums, the Salamanca originated talented duo, gave birth to Haunted Strasse & Young Drums, and their debut release will be out on their label Haunted Space Records.

A 4-track EP with the finest, powerful electro cuts and we couldn’t expect less from their creators. Both Cani and Young Drums are what we call hybrid; they combine different kinds of music, making themselves sound deep and dark but vibrating and bright at the same time.

Today we are excited to premiere the EP’s first smashing track, “Connection”. Making its entry with an industrial, strong beat, you sense early the tune’s dark electro-and electrifying- atmosphere, with arpeggiated synths playing a prominent role. Its harsh, EBM style sound gets softened by a gentler synth drifting melody, which as the end approaches enters the acid zone. The awkward echoed vocals match perfectly with the rest elements of this awesome, dynamic track. It’s gonna be every DJ’s peak-time choice. Get your fill of “Connection” and enjoy the ride.

Haunted Strasse & Young Drums debut EP “Connection” drops on July 3 via Haunted Space Records. Pre-order it here.


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