Premiere | Uabos: “Illusion”


Uabos: “Illusion”

A fresh track for your dancefloor. 

Uabos debuts on AEON with his new three-track EP “Soul On Soul”.

Kicking off 2022, Alex Niggemann’s Berlin-based label AEON will drop the debut EP from Italian producer and DJ Matteo Andrea Pepe, aka Uabos. Known from his quality releases on labels such as Bordello A Parigi and Toy Tonics, the talented producer delivers a superb three tracker entitled “Soul On Soul”.

The EP starts impulsive, straight forward and with a catchy hook. “Soul On Soul” builds a bridge between Italo- Disco & modern indie dance. Continuing with a travel back in time “M & P Frontier” is a mixture 90s House & Rave flavoured with a splash of euro dance.

Today we are delighted to premiere the EPs closer “Illusion”, a top notch tune that could easily also be the A-Side of this record. The track sails mood wise in more happy waters. Though it might be less impulsive, it isn’t less catchy than the previous tunes. “‘Illusion’ are the specters that live in each of us. It is the distorted existence that we impose on ourselves and at the same time it is the frequency that makes us wake up and understand true reality. ‘Illusion’ is a trip between trance and italo disco, a fresh track for your dancefloor”, he says.

Blast it below exclusively on LAGASTA.

The “Soul On Soul” arrives on February 18th via AEON.

Pre-order it here.


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