Premiere | Residentes Balearicos: “Break The Cookies”


Residentes Balearicos: “Break The Cookies”

A glorious, melody-driven, Balearic-flavoured dancefloor affair. 

Residentes Balearicos return with a great new track on SIRS’ own label Sirsounds Records.

Residentes Balearicos is a musical project founded and carried by Luca Averna and Ale Doretto, both Italian residents in Ibiza for many years and both originally from the area around Venice, Italy. They are no longer the well-kept secret on the Balearic scene after dropping a series of quality releases on labels such Music For Dreams, NuNorthern Soul, Archipelago Records, Balearic Ensemble, amongst others.

When they met in Ibiza, they decided to try to make something together, and it was easy to see that these two different approaches to music were complementing perfectly in the studio. As wide and vague the term Balearic can be sometimes, their vision is to make music that tries to capture the amorphous energy of Ibiza, sizzling on sunny beaches, lulling through lounge conversations, and reaching palpable states in throbbing club nights before disseminating into the countryside air for replenishment.

Now, Residentes Balearicos are back with a new track called “Break The Cookies”, produced during the Lockdown, which marks their debut release for SIRS’ own label Sirsounds Records. The release comes backed with the fine remixes of the track by Munich’s Benjamin Fröhlich, co-founder of Permanent Vacation, and SIRS himself. Before it drops, we are delighted to premiere here at LAGASTA HQ the original version of “Break The Cookies”, a glorious, melody-driven, Balearic-flavoured dancefloor affair. Blast it below, and ride with us.

“Break The Cookies” arrives on November 12th via Sirsounds Records.

Pre-order it here.


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