Premiere | Tushen Raï: “The Sardine Dance (Zombies in Miami Remix)”


Tushen Raï: “The Sardine Dance (Zombies in Miami Remix)”

The prolific Mexican duo deliver yet another sublime remix. 

Lyon-based producer Baptiste Pinsard, aka Tushen Raï, one of the minds behind the French label Hard Fist Records alongside Cornelius Doctor, is gearing up for the release of his first solo EP entitled “Drums Circle” on Cracki Records. The record includes four original tracks, a collaboration with Baptiste André and remixes by the likes of Zombies In Miami, Cornelius Doctor & N.O.Y.

For his first offering, the producer designed a record in the form of a colorful patchwork of sounds, a meticulous collage of samples, surrounding noises and synthesizers. Here, Maori percussion dug on field recording discs from the late ’60s and ’70s meet Indonesian chants recorded on phones and posted anonymously online. A nostalgic yet deeply contemporary testimony to an imagination weakened resulting from the cultural globalization.

With “Drums Circles”, Tushen Raï wants to reconnect with the adventure novels, from Jules Vernes to Barjavel, which nourished his childhood. Thought out as an ode to the diversity of our cultures, our practices and our beliefs, “Drums Circles” is a cry in favor of open-mindedness and curiosity. It is an invitation to discovery rather than to conquest.

Before it drops, we are delighted to premiere a sublime remix of “The Sardine Dance” by Mexico’s finest Zombies in Miami, who always delivers the goods. Once again, the duo conformed by Canibal and Jenouise have created something special. Blast it below exclusively on LAGASTA.

The “Drums Circle” EP arrives on November 19th via Cracki Records.

Pre-order ite here.


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