Premiere | Tom Zé: “Correio Da Estação Do Brás (Vito & Druzzi ReWork)”


Tom Zé: “Correio Da Estação Do Brás (Vito & Druzzi ReWork)”

Brooklyn’s Vito & Druzzi, the duo of Vito Roccoforte and Gabriel “Druzzi” Andruzzi, best known for being the drummer and multi-instrumentalist of DFA’s The Rapture, bring some much-needed Brazilian vibes for the summer with a killer edit from their vault that finally sees the light of day! No strangers to deliver flawless, dancefloor-ready edits, Vito & Druzzi have done a great job in reworking 1978’s track “Correio Da Estação Do Brás” by the legendary Brazilian musician Tom Zé. This rework is nothing less than a love letter to the most eccentric, visionary and irreverent member of Brazil’s Tropicália movement. You can now download it for absolutely free, exclusively on La.Ga.Sta. We love Tom Zé too!

“This edit has been sitting on our hard drive for over 3 years. We included it on a mix we did for Throne Of Blood in the Winter of 2013 and since then friends and DJ’s have asked us about it. We always intended to put this out. Now, it’s finally here,” says Vito & Druzzi. “What can we say about Tom Zé other than, “We love Tom Zé!”? Most anything we could tell you about the man you could either easily look up your self via the Information Super Highway, or experience by immersing your ears in the wonderful sounds of his catalog (which we strongly urge you to do if you haven’t already). If your already familiar with his work hopefully the twist we added brings you a new appreciation and love, and if this is entirely new to you…lucky you!”


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