Poolside: “Feel Alright” Video

“Feel Alright” Video



The video features legendary skateboarder Braydon Szafransk.

Written, directed, and filmed by BISHOP/TUZIN.

Poolside have shared a new video for their superb single “Feel Alright”, which features legendary skateboarder Braydon Szafransk. The track “Feel Alright” is lifted from their second “Heat” LP, which will finally drop on May 18th.

Speaking about the video Poolside’s Jeffrey Paradise says: “The theme of ‘Feel Alright’ is about making the best of a subpar situation. More specifically in this video, it’s about being stuck in a life that’s not how you envisioned and still striving to find happiness and purpose. Skateboarding is used in a surreal way to symbolize Braydon’s attempt to escape his complacency by hitting the open road, yet the more he travels the more he goes nowhere fast. He can’t outrun himself or his life, however, along the way he lets go of the past. Braydon ultimately embraces the present and feels the satisfaction of living life in the moment, independent of external circumstances”.

Pre-order the “Heat” LP here.


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