Premiere | Rollover Djs: “From Puglia to José”


Rollover Djs: “From Puglia to José”

A declared homage to the DJ of the Ibizan sunsets José Padilla. 

Rollover Djs are back with a supeb new EP “Just a Little Bit in My Pocket”.

The seventh release of the label behind the Milanese party Rollover Milano is entrusted to the founders, the Rollover Djs, who have reached their third EP on their label. Entitled “Just a Little Bit in My Pocket”, the new EP was recorded in the studio of “Cittadella degli Artisti” in Molfetta, Puglia in January 2021 during the second wave of Covid that forced Italy to face another national lockdown. Unlike previous works, with this EP Rollover Djs venture into uncharted territories, definetely less dancefloor oriented.

Imagine being at a festival on an island somewhere in Europe in the late 70s that begins at sunset and ends with the first light of dawn. The bands on stage deliver the perfect soundtrack while our gaze contemplate the sea and the ever changing colours of the sky. This dream is a the core of the EP, conceived at a time when travelling in real life was impossible, so why not do it with your mind?

The EP includes the slow and groovy rhythm of “Cigarette Please”, the track “Play on”, which sounds like a classic moment of a festival, the cosmic and groovy title track, which is probably the most complex song of the release, and the unstoppable slow-disco jam “Start Something New”, featuring Nic Cester’s cheerful and uplifting vocals.

Today we’re treated to the emotional ambient of the record’s opener “From Puglia to José”, a stellar tune which we’re delighted to premiere here at LAGASTA. Characterised by a Pat Metheny-esque guitar, the song is a declared homage to the DJ of the Ibizan sunsets José Padilla who passed away last year.

Blast it below exclusively on LAGASTA.

The “Just a Little Bit in My Pocket” EP arrives on October 12th via Rollover Milano Records.

Pre-order it here.


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