Premiere | Phil Gerus: “Shake Off The Jinx With Your Kiss” Video


Phil Gerus: “Shake Off The Jinx With Your Kiss” Video

Dive deep into the wonderfully animated world of Phil Gerus’ new video. 

Directed & animated by JJ The Icon.

Moscow producer Phil Gerus has returned with his superb new EP called “Too Close To Love”, which was recorded between Tokyo and Moscow in 2014 and was meant as a continuation of “Opposites Left Together” 10inch record, released on George Fitzgerald’s ManMakeMusic label. As he says: “Although it took about seven years now, it feels more appropriate than ever to finally put this out.”

We are delighted to premiere the wonderfully animated video for one of the record’s standout cuts “Shake Off The Jinx With Your Kiss”. The video was created by a young and upcoming artist and animator JJ The Icon all by himself in his own studio in Moscow.

Speaking about the video, JJ The Icon says: “My main inspiration was the feeling of intimacy and tenderness that came from the ‘Shake Off The Jinx With Your Kiss’ track. I wanted to express that through the dialogue between the main character and nature, as if she’s fully emerged into it and eventually becomes one. It is by far the biggest project that I’ve worked on. Overall, it was a great experience and I hope everyone enjoys it.”

Phil Gerus’ “Too Close To Love” EP is out now.

Pick up your copy here.


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