Premiere | Club Bizarre: “Bells”


Club Bizarre:

It’s premiere time with the mighty Club Bizarre’s return. Since their second and last release back in 2014 on Days Of Being Wild, Club Bizarre, the French connection duo of Sam Berdah and Philippe Binda, are back with their third EP “Music Machine”. The duo from Metz have been consistently providing in the past decade a distinctive sound to the slow bpm/dark disco electronic scene. They are known for their endless podcasts, edits, numerous quality remixes and their eclectic long, sensual, slowly building DJ sets.

Today, we’re excited to premiere the third track of the EP, the beautifully eccentric “Bells”. The track is a seven-minute out of this world sonic ride that starts with weird pitched percussion slowly evolving towards a tribal rhythm and a spacey arpeggio; acid lines drifting, old school drum machines sounds, ambient pads and a loony detuned melody, all blended in a brilliant way, primed for the later part of the night. So enjoy this ride on Club Bizarre’s slower side of dance music tempo.

The “Music Machine” EP drops on 29th April via Days Of Being Wild. Pre-order it here.


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