Premiere | Clinton Van Arnam: “Generocity”


Clinton Van Arnam: “Generocity”

Consider yourself invited to WPD’s Bday celebration!

Our good friends over at Whypeopledance turns 8 this year! To celebrate, they’ve prepared a beautifully wrapped present for you with their hands in glitter and confetti, a special vinyl release hand-cut in the heart of Lithuania. Simply entitled “8 Years of Whypeopledance”, the compilation includes nine tracks by talented and fresh producers in total as nine layers in the cake.

Before it drops next month, we’re delighted to share with a superb track by Clinton Van Arnam. He generously closes the “8 Years of Whypeopledance” compilation with a choir chanting something that could be a Tibetan prayer over gentle guitars and a Badalamenti-worthy atmosphere. Blast it below, exclusively on LAGASTA.

The “8 Years of Whypeopledance” compilation arrives on July 2.

Pre-order it here.


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