Planningtorock: “Much To Touch” (feat. Maija Karhunen) Video

Planningtorock: “Much To Touch” (feat. Maija Karhunen) Video



In the video Maija explores “muchness” through her choreography
owning it all through her every move.


Directed, filmed and edited by Planningtorock.

Hop on this long-awaited ride and enjoy the second track of Berlin-via-Bolton producer Planningtorock, aka Jam Rostron, the percussive track “Much To Touch”, included in their radical fourth album “Powerhouse” for DFA Records.

This follows the release of the playful, seductive lead track “Transome”. “Much To Touch” is the only track on “Powerhouse” to feature a co-producer, long-time friend and collaborator Olof Dreijer of The Knife. Directed by Planningtorock, the “Much To Touch” video features Maija Karhunen, the Finnish dancer and editor of dance art platform liikekieli. Speaking about the track Planningtorock says: “‘Much To Touch’ is about owning one’s muchness, especially when faced with being told ‘you’re too much.”

The track is one of the most instant cuts on the record and the flute motif is a real highlight. The funky rhythm is simply arousing and makes you move. Jam’s characteristic striking, pitched-shifted vocals are as radiant as ever on “Much To Much” as they are on all Powerhouse ten tracks. The signature Planningtorock synths and the vocals work together like magic!

Written and recorded in Berlin (Jam’s permanent home), London, New York and Los Angeles, the groove-filled Powerhouse breaks down family stories, love scenes and practices, sensations and memories of emotional shaping and re-composition of one’s identity. Especially “Much To Touch” has an unbelievable added value for the album. The album serves, in part, as a companion to the artist’s transitioning process, as a non-binary genderqueer person taking steps towards “making Jam”. “I feel a transformation in me / All those empty spaces in me / Are filling up with me…” it’s the refrain on Powerhouse’s ‘Jam of Finland’ track.

As a piece of work, the ten-track set is probably the most impactful and immediate album in Jam’s 12-year recording career. It is a celebration of liberation.

Planningtorock’s “Powerhouse” LP is out now via Human Level/DFA. Buy it here.


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