Boys Noize: “All I Want” (feat. Jake Shears) Video

Boys Noize: “All I Want” (feat. Jake Shears) Video

Α satirical examination of the “social media age” experience.

Berlin DJ and producer Boys Noize has returned to Defected with his track “All I Want”, a banger of a tune, featuring the unmistakable vocals of Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears. The single comes with an incredible video, directed by Dan Streit. Shot in Los Angeles, the video is a satirical examination of the “social media age” experience. Following the subject, a sculpted, buff bodybuilder on his quest for perfection, it shows his lonely journey paved by narcissism and self-obsession.

Starting its life as a basic demo made by the pair years ago for Alex Ridha, aka Boys Noize, to play at one of Jake’s infamous NYC apartment parties, it had since remained a hidden gem on a broken hard drive since that very night. Years later, Alex rediscovered the track and decided to give it new life for 2021, giving way to “All I Want”. Taking inspiration from classic Chicago house as he re-worked the demo for new ears, this dancefloor-ready cut is exquisitely executed, as Boys Noize’s signature futuristic flare and Jake’s distinctive glowy vocal make a sublime pairing.

The “All I Want” Remixes, including reworks by the likes of Life and Death founder DJ Tennis, Purple Disco Machine and a “NRG Remix” from Boys Noize himself, is out now via Defected.

Get it here.


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