Pejzaż: “W Obłokach”

Pejzaż: “W Obłokach”

Polish producer and DJ Bartek Kruczyński, also known as Earth Trax, The Phantom and half of duo Ptaki, has returned to The Very Polish Cut Outs with his second album “Blues” under his Pejzaż alias. On “Blues”, he delivers yet another top quality record of sample-based goodness that’s perfect for driving around with the windows down on a sunny day.

While his 2018 debut LP “Ostatni Dzien Lata” (‘The Last Day of Summer’) was a love letter to the 60’s to 70’s nostalgia, baroque pop, soul (and their extension through the golden age hip hop), the second album is built around dancefloor oriented cuts, deep house, r’n’b and quirky excerpts from Polish pop (like a couple of bars nicked from a Duran Duran cover). It fills in the gap for a proper disco-infused house and pop album coming from Eastern Europe. Get your fill of Pejzaż’s “W Obłokach”, one of the record’s standout cuts, and drive away. Pejzaż’s “Blues” LP is out now via The Very Polish Cut Outs.

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