Orchid-AM presents Unity

Orchid-AM presents Unity

Orchid-AM spreads love through music and by uniting artists and clubs that are kept apart at these difficult times. The Manchester-based artist management and booking agency has asked producers and musicians from its roster to come up with some new music in one week, and then name it after a club they hold close to their heart. They have packed it all in a ten-tracks compilation, entitled “Unity”, which was recently released digitally via Bandcamp, in hope for a return to normality soon. The compilation features tracks by the likes of Bawrut, Passarani, Zombies In Miami, Younger Than Me, Jennifer Touch, Delphi, Gina Breeze (Homoelectric), MR TC, Philipp Gorbachev and Yant. All sales will be equally shared between artists and clubs. Artwork by Floating Bastard. The 10-track “Unity” compilation is out now.

Get yourself a copy here.


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