Mr. Tophat: “Midsommar SE Lufthansa”

“I never been to this kinda party…”

A true Stockholm original, Robyn-collaborator and Swedish dance music extraordinaire Rudolf Nordström, aka Mr. Tophat, returns to Munich’s Public Possession with a great new 12-inch titled “Ketamine Boogie”, which marks his first release for the label in nearly four years since the release of his “A Memoir From The Youth Part II” EP in 2017. Most recently, Mr. Tophat graced us with his superb debut album “Dusk To Dawn”, a three LP dark-disco odyssey of underground disco and house tracks, synthesising Western classical with contemporary club music.

The record’s B-side cut “Midsommar SE Lufthansa” finds Mr. Tophat in such fine form, delivering a wicked disco house number in his own unique signature sound. Based around on melodic disco loops, samples and vocals, this seven-plus minute tune is a perfect slice of disco-infused goodness. Samba Hatten!

The “Ketamine Boogie” 12” is out now via Public Possession.

Head over to Public Possession if you want to grab a copy of his “Ketamine Boogie” 12” Maxi, Mr. Tophat’s T-shirt, or both.


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