Mildlife: “Zwango Zop (Artwork Edit)”

Mildlife: “Zwango Zop (Artwork Edit)”

If there was a rework that we’ve been playing on repeat mode on our car stereo for a while now, it would definitely be Artwork’s edit of Melbourne’s four-piece Mildlife kaleidoscopic cosmic jam “Zwango Zop”. This absolute monster of a tune recently released on a very special one-sided 12-inch for a good cause.

On his edit of “Zwango Zop”, a track taken from Midlife’s 2018 debut LP “Phase”, London master producer and all-round cool guy Artwork extracts that undeniable funk energy and turns into a 10-and-a-half-minute, highly hypnotic, instantly addictive creation that it is as psychedelic as it is slamming.

All profits from this one-sided 12-inch will be donated to two charities combatting the bushfire emergency in Australia – Wildlife Victoria and the Australian Red Cross. Buy it here.


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