LAGASTA: “Driving” EP

“Driving” EP

After 10 years of driving around the music blogosphere, LAGASTA duo re-introduce themselves
with a new three-o
riginal-track EP “Driving”, which marks the pair’s first release in four years since 2016 debut single “Roberto”



“We’ve been working hard on some original tunes for a while now and it seems like the right time to start giving the final shape to all the tracks that were recorded these last years, and release some of them in a series of EPs in the following months, starting with this one.”

“Driving” comes from our love to test drive music while we’re wandering on the road. Its aesthetic, which has been built through all these years on LAGASTA, is based on our favorite object: cars. It feels like a long ride with our friends, lovers and people we’ve met through these years.”

Those who are familiar with the blog these last 10 years, and with all the compilations the LAGASTA duo has released since then, will identify in the “Driving” EP some of the things the duo has always loved in music. All these new tracks give you THAT feeling of driving around on empty roads; or just gazing them. 



The “Driving” EP is out now via LAGASTA Records.

Pick up your copy here.


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