Kendal: “Intacto”

Kendal: “Intacto”

Young firestarter Kendal, a French producer based in Toulouse, takes us for a ride with his killer track “Intacto”, an absolute burner of a tune. Inspired by horror legend John Carpenter, “Intacto” is filled with late 80’s new-wave sensibilities in the punchy low-end refreshed by modern production techniques and a euphoric synth line giving a nod to peak-energy trance state dance music. The track is taken from Kendal’s second EP of the same name, a four-tracker with a distinctive, melodic take on 80’s and 90’s electronic tropes. Get your fill of “Intacto” below, and enjoy the ride!

The “Intacto” EP is out now on Dischi Autunno. Get it here.


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