Kasper Bjørke: “Cloud 9 (Instrumental Mix)”

Kasper Bjørke: “Cloud 9 (Instrumental Mix)”

Danish producer Kasper Bjørke has a new, dancefloor-ready mini-LP on the way called “Fountain Of Youth”. The eight-track record bends genres such as classic house, electro, post disco and techno, into his own melting pot of late night jams and it’s perfectly suitable for the dancefloor. The album’s lead single “Cloud 9” comes in two versions: A haunting instrumental mix with dreamy pads, which you can stream above, and an infectious vocal version featuring Urdur of the prestigious Icelandic collective GusGus. The single “Cloud 9”, backed with remixes by Gerd Janson, Marvin & Guy, and Weval, drops on May 20th.

The mini-LP “Fountain of Youth” will arrive on June 10th via hfn music. Pre-order it here.


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