Jimi Tenor & Freestyle Man: “Forgotten Planet Awakens (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)”

Jimi Tenor & Freestyle Man: “Forgotten Planet Awakens (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)”

German-Chilean minimal techno god delivers something glorious. 

Studio Barnhus kicks off 2021 with a new release from Jimi Tenor and Freestyle Man, which comes backed with a great remix from Ricardo Villalobos.

Having released two EPs worth of mature but twisted New Jersey house tracks, 2017’s “Sleepover” and 2019’s “Are We It?”, Finnish legends and everything-but-grey eminences of electronic music Jimi Tenor and Freestyle Man return to Studio Barnhus with their third release, a two-tracker called “Forgotten Planet Awakens”.

This sincere space hymn arrives with a “Vino Tinto” remix from German-Chilean minimal techno god Ricardo Villalobos, who delivers a take which is something glorious on its own as well as a perfect complement to the original.

If Jimi Tenor and Freestyle Man’s track is about a frozen planet in a far away galaxy, slowly thawing by the power of some mysterious cosmic heat source, then Ricardo’s remix is that planet’s moon – dancing around it in a peculiar orbit, causing its oceans to rise and fall, adding light to the night. Blast it below.

The “Forgotten Planet Awakens” EP is out now via Studio Barnhus.

Get it here.


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