Ilya Santana feat. Woolfy: “The One Behind Machines”

Ilya Santana feat. Woolfy: “The One Behind Machines”

Get ready for a darkly cosmic ride.

Ilya Santana has teamed up with Woolfy for a darkly cosmic ride.

Legendary Canary Islands producer and Astrolead Recordings owner Ilya Santana is a man who needs no introduction. On his first release of the year, the elusive producer has joined forces with Los Angeles-based DJ, producer and musician Simon James, aka Woolfy, to deliver a new track “The One Behind Machines”.

This one is a darkly cosmic ride of ’80s electro-meets-space-disco with Santana’s signature synth-heavy sound and Woolfy’s captivating vocals. A sublime and otherworldly tune that’s perfectly suited for late-night rides. The release comes backed with an instrumental mix and a fine uptempo remix by Mr. Turner. Get your fill of the vocal mix of “The One Behind Machines” and ride with us.

The “The One Behind Machines” EP is out now via Astrolead Recordings.

Get it here.


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