Fuga Ronto: “Falling Star”

Fuga Ronto: “Falling Star”

The first single from the duo’s upcoming LP “Greatest Treasure”. 

Zurich duo Fuga Ronto, consisting of Ron Shiller and Tobi Schweizer, return to Phantom Island with their second release for the ever-excellent label, the new seven-track LP “Greatest Treasure”.

The record, which follows the pair’s debut 2016’s EP “Invisible Escape”, is a musical journey exploring different kinds of territories by blending elements of synth funk, dub, fusion, new wave and ambient with household noises, reverb vocals and quotes from movies to adventure games.

Out of playful recording sessions the duo cecated songs with track names that read like movie titles. The rhythm guitar, percussion and multilingual chanting-driven first single “Falling Star” lures even unathletic feet onto the dancefloor. Just perfect! Give it a spin below.

The “Greatest Treasure” LP arrives on August 30th.

Pre-order it here.


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