House of Numbers: Johannes Albert

Johannes Albert

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Photo: Gordon Schirmer 

We’ve been closely following Johannes Albert, the prolific producer and DJ from Berlin, for quite sometime now, and it’s safe to say that they never cease to amaze us. Running the Frank Music label for a decade, playing all over and having a residency at the infamous “Renate” made him a mainstay in the global dance music circuit.

As word of his DJ reputation spreads, Johannes plays shows from London to Tokyo – from Augsburg to Cape Town. This should come as no surprise given the killer combination of running two of his own labels named Frank Music & Fine, dropping music on imprints such as Live At Robert Johnson and Permanent Vacation, the multiple well-loved online mixes to his name and a host of genre spanning alias and side projects. Going the extra mile Johannes is known for playing modern disco euphoria mixed with a little acid, a classic at the right time and an all-time open mind when it comes to genres. Current rave revivals anyone?

2021 saw Frank Music release Iron Curtis & Johannes Albert’s “Moon III”, a collaborative album between Albert and Iron Curtis. The Berlin based pair have been playing together for some time and their third LP showcases some of the darker, moody material the pair are capable of. Remix wise he keeps himself busy with his latest work for andhim, Get Physical, Keinemusik, Monaberry & Catz ‘N Dogz.

Fresh off the release of his superb “Lemonade Fizz” EP on Live At Robert Johnson, Johannes Albert makes a pit stop at LAGASTA and enters its series of mini-interviews “House of Numbers”, counting down all his favourite things.

Let’s go! 

ONE song for your city…

Daso – Meine

TWO guilty pleasures…

– Sekt auf Eis
– Münchener Freiheit

THREE things that you always have in your fridge…

1. Lemon
2. Capers
3. Hummus


FOUR TV series you love…

Working Mums
– Drinnen
– The End Of The F***ing World
– Weissensee

FIVE lessons that life has taught you…

– Keep on keeping on
– Always use some compression
– Be humble!
– Playing Sylvester’s “Over & over” all over again
– Don’t let a Pandemic get you down (still trying though)




SIX places you want to visit again…

– Cape Town
– Greifswald
– Frammersbach
– Chicago
– Schönhöhe
– Matera

SEVEN things you love in your city…

– Late Sunday morning taxi driver chitchat
– Tegel Airport (sad emoticon)
– The chances
– The diversity
– The vibe
– Techno (still)
– The food

EIGHT things you love from the ’80s…

– Peaceful revolutions
– Acid House
– Music Box, Chicago
– Gated Reverb
– Phil Collins
– Oberheim DMX
– VW Golf II
– Ed von Schleck


NINE minute track (or even more) that you wish it was even longer…

– Pachanga Boys – Time
– Manuel Göttsching – E2E4
– Terre Thaemlitz – Soulnessless
– Theo Parrish – Friendly Children
– Eric Prydz – Opus (Four Tet Remix)
– Mood II Swing – All Night Long
– Bryan Ferry – Don’t Stop The Dance (Eric Duncan Remix)
–  DJ Koze – Pick Up
– Smallpeople – Black Ice


TEN years later, how do you imagine yourself…

Working on music. Always. Not sure where! It seems we can’t afford the Berlin rents by then…


ELEVEN minutes to draw something for LAGASTA…

                                                                                                                                       The Sun Goddess


TWELVE inches version of a track you adore…

Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy


THIRTEEN minutes to save the world. What would you do if you were a superpower leader…

I would play Blaze’s “Lovelee Dae” two times. That is all.


10 Years Frank Music!

Steering his dance label, Frank Music, all the way through the last decade, Johannes Albert welcomes a bunch of new and old friends for its 10 Year anniversary. The “10 Years Frank Music Pt. 1” includes Berlin’s Amount “Dphrase”, The Captain Of Your Heart’s ” L.ove” and Darmstadt’s finest Levitation Venue “Everything’s Good”. The “10 Years Frank Music Pt. 2” includes Johannes Albert’s “Dynamo”, Iron Curtis’ “Münster West” and Max Lessig’s “Make Me Cry”. Here’s to the next 10 Years!

Pick up your copy here.


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