Everybody knows a Dave, you should get to know this one too. Talented Greek producer NTEIBINT makes thing his own way. After a few more remixes, he eventually released his first EP “Everybody Knows A Dave” on Bang Gang 12”, and the result was definitely worth the wait. That’s why we took a ride with him and talked about his background, music and future plans.

Read our interview below and grab his brand new jam “Jackpot” for free, exclusively on La.Ga.Sta. Don’t forget to be on the look out for exciting new releases from this guy.


He’s Dave! Or David – If you try to spell NTEIBINT in Greek. It all started with a simple wordplay done by me and ath1281, the man responsible for the visual identity of the project.

What is your background? Tell us how you first got into electronic music?

I’m a classical trained musician that got bored of studying and fell in love with synth. My first experience with electronic music was through Laurent Garnier’s “Unreasonable Behaviour”, a milestone album for me.

Your debut EP “Everybody Knows A Dave” on Bang Gang 12” sounds quite different from your previous stuff (more balearic, disco), any particular reason for that?

NTEIBINT started with a remix I did for Jamie Lidell on Warp Records. After that I did a lot of remixes and bootlegs. I was trying to craft my own sound, with some hits and misses on the way. It all led naturally to this mid-tempo kind of slowdance disco, that you hear on my first EP as NTEIBINT.

What is your source of inspiration?

Everyday life, mostly good food and good friends. I don’t like to talk music and sometimes I don’t even listen to music for small periods of time.

How you would describe your work?

It’s mostly disco with a slow pace, live instruments and happy accidents.

Do you prefer producing remixes or original tracks?

I really like remixing and I’m a pretty fast worker in the studio, remixes are stress-free for me. My original tracks take a little bit longer to conclude as I’m the recording artist, mixer and producer, It’s a battle between all those different hats!

How do you think Athens has affected your sound?

Too much noise and too many happy faces at the same time? That’s Athens for me. I live in the suburbs, so I’m not a city kid. I prefer a laid back environment.

What is a piece of equipment you can’t live without and why?

A good set of monitors. You can’t do anything without a good pair of speakers (and electricity).

Which are your favorite tunes at the moment…

Kindness – House
Adamski – I Like It (ATTAR! Remix)
Roundtree – Hit On You (Version Idjut)
Light Year – Moderation (NTEIBINT Remix)
Sleep D – Bacon

Which record would you love to listen if you had a car?

Easy pick and long time favourite late ’80s album “Conscience” by Womack & Womack.

Three things we should know about NTEIBINT…

Cigarettes, music and politics.

What’s next for NTEIBINT?

My second EP is almost ready and I’m looking for a European Label to release it. Expect some balearic mid-tempo moments and feel-good house vibes.



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